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Pool Rental Registration (Outside of Public Swim)

Pool rentals occur when the pool is closed to the public and an individual/group rents the aquatics facility. Because the facility is not open to the public, the renter pays the rental fee and staffing costs. Pool rentals are held before 10am or after 6pm Sunday - Friday, and after 8pm on Saturdays. Click here to see the full listing of pool hours. Base rate includes up to 30 swimmers (50 total attendees...additional charges will be added for larger groups)

2 Hours (Up to 30 swimmer)  ----- $300
2 Hours (Up to 50 swimmers) -----$375
1 Extra Hour, flat fee ----------------$100/extra hour

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Add a 3rd hour for $100

I would like to add a third hour to my private rental for a flat $100 charge.

Additional Attendees

I understand that the Aquatics Staff will count the swimmers at my event by issuing swimmer wrist-bands. A regular rental includes 30 swimmers a the large group package includes up to 50 swimmers. I agree to pay an additional $5 for each swimmer if I exceed my estimates included in this form.

Make my package for a large group!

I plan to have more than 50 swimmers at my event.